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Being An Introvert and Speaking in Public

12 Jun

introvert cartoonEarlier this week Heather and I hosted the first open house for the Virtual Assistant Revolution. During the call we both spoke about what we’re passionate about…Heather = new virtual assistants and me = introverts.

After I was finished giving an overview of my passion for introverts, I received several text messages stating that they (the participants) would not have known that I was an introvert because of the way I was speaking. This kind of surprised me…maybe because of the stereotypes. The school of thought is that because we’re introverts, we don’t like people, we’re not public speakers, etc. Truth be told, I love talking to people…on the phone or in the box (internet). ;) I can speak in front of a group if I have a purpose. It’s draining mentally and physically, but I can do it and do it well.

I know several wonderful public speakers including motivational speakers who fall under the category “introvert”. The one thing that usually hold true across the board for introverts is the fact that we take the time to formulate our presentations and our answers in advance. We are very introspective.

If you’re an introvert and want (or need) to speak in public take some time for yourself, prepare, take a break before the event and be sure to leave yourself downtime after the event. You can do it. :)