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Is It OK To Be Introverted?

17 Jun


I was curious to see how people find this blog and site, so I checked my Google Analytics account. In the past 30 days 27 people have found this site by typing in, “Is it ok to be introverted?”

Why this surprises me, I will never know. Probably because I want to shout from the rooftops that we introverts are normal. We just happen to experience and live life a different way than the majority. As I stated in a post long ago I find it extremely disturbing to see how some view us and to recap:

Introverts are not mentally defective
Introverts are not clinically depressed
Introverts are not do not need psychotherapy
Introverts are not [insert your unpolished, crude remark here]

Let me state for the record that introverts, just like extroverts can suffer from depression. However just because you are introverted, it does not mean that you are depressed or need mental help. Coming to grips with introversion can be a relief to many because they finally realize that they’re normal and can live a normal, happy life. According to a quick search on Google about 75% of people are extroverted, which leaves only about 25% of us introverts. It can be pretty lonely here (pun intended).

Over the past couple of days we have talked about embracing who we are. For everyone finding Introverted and Loving It through the phrase “Is it ok to be introverted?“, my answer to you is an orgasmic YES, YES, YES! Embrace who you are, learn what makes you tick and love your life!

Keep rockin’,


It’s OK to Click Away

24 Jun

If you are an avid reader of a blog or your just surfing through, if you don’t like something it’s ok to click away. It really is.

Yesterday I was reading one of my favorite business blogs and one of the commenters totally slammed the site owner. The commenter stated that they were upset over the reviews and number of posts about a certain website browser. Said commenter felt as though they were in the hip pocket of the browser developers and that they wrote about the browser too much. They wanted less posts about the browser each week and perhaps just a weekly roundup if they felt the need to talk about the browser.

My advice…click away. If you don’t like a certain subject or post, then click away. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s quick. Secondly it wouldn’t matter one way or another if this particular blogger was in the hip pocket of the developers of said website browser. Chances are, no I know that the blogger in question is a business owner and makes their living from their blog. So if said developer was paying for reviews, then so be it. You don’t have to like it. You can click away. I click away all the time…again it’s easy, it’s simple and it’s quick.

fifiPS – If by any chance Purina (the makers of Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula) is reading this blog, I will certianly shout your company name and glory from the rooftops in rural Upper Dauphin, PA if you would throw the darling Fifi some kibble.

Ashamed? I Think Not!

30 May

I often get asked, “Aren’t you embarrassed or ashamed to publicly call yourself an introvert?” My reply is always, “Are you ashamed of who you are?”

In my research I found several famous introverts who I highly doubt are ashamed of themselves and who also share my personality type of INFP. They include John F. Kennedy, Jr., Julia Roberts, Lisa Kudrow, Helen Keller, Tom Brokaw, Dick Clark and William Shakespeare. The accomplishments of each of these individuals is great and do not fit, in any way shape or form, what the general public views as introversion.

Ashamed of myself? I think not! Heck I’m in the same brotherhood as JFK and Julia Roberts. :)

Beyond Irritated: Friday Rant

4 May

For the heck of it I typed into Firefox just to see what would come up (No, I won’t even give them the courtesy of a hyperlink.). To my irritation this is what I see:

Most Relevant Link: Mental Health

Anti Depressant
Chronic Depression
Clinical Depression
Depression Help
Depression Medication
Drug For Depression
Health And Wellness
Mental Health
Mental Health Treatment
Mental Performance
Mental Power
Psychiatry Jobs
Seasonal Affective Disorders

Granted it’s one of those websites geared towards Google Adsense and affiliate links, but still. GIVE ME A BREAK.

As I pointed out in my May 1st post, introverts are constantly labeled, by the extroverts of the world, often based upon the actions of a few. The vast majority of introverts are not mentally ill, mentally unstable nor suffer from clinical depression. These disorders exist, but are proven to be evenly spaced amongst personality types. These labels are GARBAGE, I tell ya!

Introvert Solutions

One of the best books available on the market about introverts is The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney. This is a fabulous resource, created by an introvert for an introvert. Read it, absorb it and educate those around you. Together we can dispel the myths about introversion.