Thank You Lisa B – Simply His Blogger

13 Jun

simply his bloggerA BIG BIG BIG thank you goes out to Lisa B at Simply His Blogger. She read my post “Back Up Again” and said “are you sure you don’t want your posts back? I think I can get them.”

In my mind, I was thinking, “yeah right”. But this is Lisa, she’s the go to person for issues like this by many.

To be honest, I wanted to figure it out myself and I didn’t want to go to her with my tail between my legs and say, “hey, I did this again”. My webhost was contacted, I’m still waiting for an answer, but Lisa rescued me, so now I can care less if they respond. :)

I won’t get into the techno-mumble-jumble about the issue at hand, but suffice it to say that Lisa B came to rescue and got my posts back. I’m a little embarrassed…ok alot embarrassed that I haven’t blogged here in almost a year. I honestly don’t care if anyone reads my blog, comments are nice, but they’re not my driving force. Sometimes you just need a little therapy you know? And blogging is a heck of a lot cheaper. ;)

If you’re in a technical quandary…give her a holler.

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